Clipper Tea – Announcement Product Changes

2nd May, 2018

We are pleased to announce the following changes to the Clipper Tea lineup.

The following two items are being renamed with new pack designs:
“Organic Fairtrade English Breakfast” is renamed to “Organic Fairtrade Tea Big Ben (English Breakfast)”- Big Ben is the British Symbol!
“Organic Lemon & Ginger Tea” is renamed to “Organic Herb Tea Main Squeeze (Lemon & Ginger)”- package is much more vivid!

The following 2 items are changing from 20 teabags to 25 teabags:

“CLIPPER Organic Fairtrade Tea Earl Grey 25 teabags”
“CLIPPER Organic Fairtrade Herb Tea Chamomile 25 teabags”

These four items will change to the new names and formats sequentially from May 2018.

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