CLIF Bar Press Briefing at Tokyo American Club
May 23, 2014
Gary Erickson’s Book “Raising the Bar” released in Japanese

30th May, 2014

On Friday, May 23, 11am at the Tokyo American Club, MIE PROJECT hosted a press conference together with Clif Bar & Company and A&F Country (CLIF Bar’s outdoor distributor for Japan).

Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, owners and Co Chief Visionary Officers presented the CLIF Bar story – how a moment of inspiration, while riding a bicycle in 1990, transformed into the #1 brand of energy bar in the US and Canada. Gary and Kit explained the company’s history, values, and commitment to five aspirations, as well as its food philosophy. They also expressed their appreciation to the people of Japan, highlighting the strong bonds and tremendous synergies that exist between CLIF Bar and Japan. The whole story is explained in Gary Erickson’s book “Raising the Bar”, which has now been published in Japanese.

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