Nature’s Path – The #1 choice for organic breakfast in the US – now available in Japan

15th May, 2014

Nature’s Path, the #1 brand of organic cereals and granolas in the US, is now available in Japan. There are 3 tasty best-selling organic cereals, including Corn Flakes – Fruit Juice Sweetened, Heritage Flakes – based on ancient grains, and Whole Os – based on organic brown rice flour and corn flour. There is also a delicious line-up of 5 Love Crunch premium granolas.

Why stock Nature’s Path?

  • Natural & Organics are big business in the US and are becoming big in Japan
  • Nature’s Path is a leading organic brand in the US and the # 1 brand of organic cereals and granolas; also #1 brand for gluten free cereals; widely known and available throughout the US in thousands of stores
  • Excellent on shelf presence – make store look more attractive
  • Delicious and organic products, for customer satisfaction
  • Competitively priced
  • Guaranteed Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free Options
  • Wide range available that will be introduced to Japan: start with 3 cereal and 5 granolas; will expand to hot oatmeal, kids cereals, granolas, and more
  • We provide in-store sampling and merchandising support

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