3rd Dec, 2015

The Clipper Tea Japan official Instagram Account Open!

The Clipper tea Japan official Instagram account December 1 OPEN ! Please check the following link. https://ww […]


10th Nov, 2015

Kettle Brand Chips Introduced in Japan

MIE PROJECT is celebrating the introduction of the famous Kettle Brand potato chips into our portfolio of top […]


9th Nov, 2015

MIE PROJECT article in Shokuhin Shinbun.

MIE PROJECT article in Shokuhin Shinbun Octber 26,2015.


2nd Sep, 2015

Nature’s Path Organic Coconut Chia Granola Introduction!

Nature ‘s Path Organic Coconut Chia Granola has been added new breakfast family of new Nature’s Pa […]


28th Aug, 2015

Provamel organic Almond milk has been an entry in Vogue Beauty Awards 2015.

Provamel Organic Almond milk was an entry in the VOGUE BEAUTY AWARD2015 Natural Wonder Award. Special web site […]


25th Aug, 2015

Clipper Snore & Peace Award

Clipper High-and Herbal Tea series of Snore & Peace has won one star Great Taste Awards 2015.


22nd Jul, 2015

Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen (Sri Lanka) – The first TV commercial!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


10th Jul, 2015

Croissant “Croissant fouded!”corner was posted Rigoni di asiago Fruit Spread Fiordifrutta.

Launch of croissant July 25 “croissant found!” Rigoni di Asiago Fruit spread Fior di Furutta is po […]


1st Jul, 2015

It was MIE products posted on the Croissant Coconut Oil Bible 2.

Now topics of coconut oil, “Croissant Special Edit Coconut Oil Bible 2” has been released. Effect […]


17th Apr, 2015

Mani-Blauel Organic Olive Oil won GOLD

Mani-Blauel Organic Olive Oil won GOLD at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION. 654 olive oils fro […]


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